1000 Indian Sugar Farmers are Now Regenagri Certified

1000 Indian Sugar Farmers are Now Regenagri Certified

A 1,000 Indian sugar farmers supported by Solidaridad are now regenagri certified by the Control Union, providing greenhouse gas (GHG) verification and certification as a complete solution for sugar farms and the supply chain. This would not have been possible without the inspirational leadership of Roshan Lal Tamak, Executive Director and CEO (Sugar Business) at DCM Shriram Ltd.

This is also India’s first Regenagri certification for sugarcane and completes the process of demonstrating the power of the Regenagri certification with many thousands of smallholders across Asia in palm oil, cotton, mangoes and coffee.

Regenagri is a regenerative agriculture initiative aimed at securing the health of the land and the wealth of those who live on it. It supports farms and organisations to transition to holistic farming techniques that increase soil organic matter, encourage biodiversity, sequester carbon and improve water and energy management. Designed for continuous improvement, Regenagri offers members a complete solution for measuring and reporting on regenerative progress and monetising environmentally minded farming.

Solidaridad will be scaling its vision of bringing 1 million hectare of 1 million smallholders under regenagri certification over the next few years.